Sunday, 2 October 2011

I am craving heartbreak while you're making your demands

Well, well, well. Hasn't it been a while since I visited my blog. If I'm being truly honest, I forgot all about it. So much has happened over the months since I last posted and I'm not sure if I can really summarise it into one post. However I will try as best as I can by going through the months. I must warn you that my memory may be a little hazy;

  • I turned 19 which depressed me slightly
  • I passed my driving test
  • I saw The Dykeenies in Dundee
  • I got insanely drunk one Sunday night and cannot remember what happened
  • I started a new diet and decided to kick start my healthy regime
  • I got a new job working seasonally for the Falkirk Wheel and hated it
  • I attended many Dusk Mondays
  • I got offers in from possible universities
  • I saw The View for the eleventh time at Barrowlands and a guy almost knocked me out with his elbow
  • I went to see The X Factor Live because I'm in love with Aiden Grimshaw
  • I spent the Easter break completely drunk
  • I lost 1 1/2 stone from my healthy diet!!
  • I started stressing out about finishing college
  • I kept quiet and focused on course work
  • I got an A in my Graded Unit at college
  • I finished college for good and received my HND Tourism award
  • I went to Knaresborough to see my little cousin in Billy Elliot
  • I went to Turkey for the week with my family and didn't want to come home
  • Got rid of my black hair. It's now gingery/blonde.
  • I finished working at the Falkirk Wheel
  • I didn't go to T In The Park and became depressed that whole weekend
  • I went to my friend from my old work's wedding and was reunited with all my old friends
  • I went to Ireland to visit family and had the best week
  • Came home from Ireland
  • Accepted my offer to Glasgow Caledonian to study International Tourism & Travel Enterprise
  • Enjoyed the rest of my summer holidays by getting drunk every night
  • Started university
  • Cut my fringe back in
  • Debbie came home from Spain, we went out for lunch and had a night out in Dusk
  • Decided that I'm going to study abroad in January for 4 months
  • Had a night out in Glasgow with Robyn and had one of the best nights in ages
  • Went out for Erin's birthday on Friday and drank too many Jager Bombs
So that was the past 8 months summed up in one post. So many things happened but I just pin pointed the more memorable things.

Now that I have my life into perspective, I'm going to start blogging more because I have a lot of feelings and thoughts that I need to get off my chest right now. Tonight, however I will leave it at that as I'm currently watching Nowhere Boy and drinking cups of tea. It really is a great, great film.

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