Thursday, 13 December 2012

Long Time, No See!

Well hi there, it seems like it has been over a year since my last update on here. Wow, it's scary how much has changed in that time and it scares me how quick this year has actually flown by! If I'm being completely honest, I totally forgot about this blog until a few weeks ago when I ventured across it again. After going through the last posts I had made, I decided it was time for a comeback. So.. here i am!

Seeing as my last post was a year ago, it seems only fair to have a bit of an update on here about what I've been getting up to the past year. I'm going to start where I left off in October while I was in my second month of third year at uni. It's crazy so much has changed!

So here goes..

After accepting my place in third year at university, I was thoroughly enjoying the change from college ways to university ways and I was really getting into my stride. I met a lot of great new people and was really enjoying the modules I had chosen for the year. Everything was going well and then BOOM! I got glandular fever. I thought I could still keep up with my studies but glandular fever really knocks it out of you. I was off uni for three months, I couldn't eat, found it difficult to breathe, was so weak I would faint everytime I moved from bed and I ended up dehydrated. So that was the end of my university days as I had missed so much, they didn't want me to come back. They did give me deferred entry so that I can reapply again though.

I then got myself a full time job working for Sky in a call centre (yeah, I know) to keep me going until I wanted to reapply again. A year on and I'm still working there and hating every single second I spend in the place! During my time off I decided i wanted to take a new direction with my education and I am going to apply for an Events Management course. Once I've paid off everything I need to, I shall be applying for student life again!

So enough with the bad stuff, here's a list of all the good things that happened to me in the past year -

  • I went to see Arctic Monkeys in November 2011 and it was wonderful
  • I met amazingly wonderful people working for Sky, they're the best team I could ask for
  • My cousins, aunty and uncle from Knaresborough came for Christmas and we had the messiest, funniest Christmas in such a long time
  • I turned 20 in February and had an extremely messy birthday weekend where one of the nights I had to be sent home in a taxi at 9 O'clock
  • I got my nose pierced which is something I've wanted to do for SO long
  • I had one too many nights out leading in very eventful stories
  • I ventured back to my beloved T In The Park and spent the weekend wearing a stick on moustache
  • I saw The View for the 16th time and got very intoxicated
  • I spent a weekend back in Ireland with my three best friends and my full entire family for my mum's 50th birthday party 
  • I dressed as a mime yet again for halloween
Now all these events have been all very well and good but the best and most amazing and exciting thing that's happened to me this year is that I've only gone and got myself a boyfriend! Now I'm never normally one for being all soppy and loved up but I've genuinely found the most amazing guy. His name's Connor, he's gorgeous, he's thoughtful, funny, awesome and everything else under the sun! The best thing is that he's also a Sci Fi lover and so we just chill out watching my Heroes box set or sit and watch Marvel films over and over. He's made me the happiest I have been in such a long time!

So anyway, here are some pictures of my adventures from this year..