Tuesday, 30 November 2010

and with heart shaped bruises and late night kisses


It's so exciting. I love the snow and winter is my favourite time of year. It hasn't ever snowed this early before though so it's kind of wierd, but i walked the dog today and the snow was a little below my knee. My college has been closed nd i hope it stays closed all week as there are no buses running for me to get there and my friend who usually runs me to college refuses to drive in the snow.

Last night i went out with my friends erin and paul to play in snow. You'd think that we're nearing 20 years old, we wouldn't be interested in snow. But no, we are the world's biggest kids! Paul being the idiot that he is, drove in the snow. We drove to Banknock which is about five minutes from where we stay to visit Walker because he didnt want to come out with us. Only when we got to banknock, pauls car got stuck in the snow, and Erin and I had to push his car back out of the snow - if someone was watching this they would be howling with laughter. While waiting on Walker, we decided to have a snowball fight which ended with Erin falling flat on her face and Paul covering her in snow. It was hilarious and we have photographic evidence below of it!

I'm feeling quite festive today although it's not December until tomorrow. So i think i'm going to spend the day on the couch watching christmas films, starting with Elf!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

hello, i love you won't you tell me your name.

This was me this morning, the last picture of me with my brown hair, wearing my favourite t shirt ;).

My hair is now red, just like it used to be and i have missed it being this colour if i'm honest. I don't have a picture of my new hair as of yet as i've been running around like a headless chicken all day today but i shall take one tomorrow and post it.

So it's nearly christmas time!!
I can't contain my excitement already, seriously i am the biggest kid when it comes to christmas. I'm not a big fan of christmas day as such anymore, i just love the whole build up to christmas where you hear festive songs every where you go ..

My mum asked me what i would like for christmas today and i had a think about it - i honestly do not know what i want this year. i lost my camera while on a drunken night out so i guess i could ask for a new camera. I would really like to get a polaroid camera though. decisions!

So anyway, i'm going to love you and leave you for tonight and head to my bed. I have a driving lesson at half past 10 tomorrow morning and i also have a nice big parcel full of clothes arriving from Very tomorrow afternoon, how exciting!

Goodnight <3

Saturday, 6 November 2010

daisy chains and schoolyard games

and a list of things we said we'd do tomorrow ..

A polaroid camera is top of my christmas wishlist this year! I've wanted one for a while now and i thought christmas would be the perfect opportunity to get one.

So today for me was decision making day. I have finally applied for university! I had 5 different choices and they were -
  • Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen
  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Abertay University in Dundee
  • Strathclyde University also in Glasgow
I would say Robert Gordon would be my first choice even though i would have to move out and i would be about 4 or 5 hours away from home. At the moment i'm studying Tourism at college and so i'm going on to university to study International Tourism Management and these are the universities with said course.
I think you should all cross your fingers for me so that i get into one ;).

I cannot wait for monday to come around as i get to go shopping in Glasgow. I always seem to spend far too much money when i go to Glasgow but i think i deserve to treat myself once in a while. However, before monday comes around i have to suffer through two shifts at work. Tomorrow i'm working 9.30 - 5 and sunday i am working 12 - 7. Two of THE worst shifts ever. Anybody want to swap jobs ? ...

7 weeks until christmas!
Yes, i am one of those sad, sad people who count down the weeks until christmas. The thing is though, i don't really enjoy christmas day anymore, i just enjoy the build up to christmas where you can go late night shopping and hear christmas songs everywhere you go and sometimes it snows.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

So, I Guess I'm Back.

Yes, that's right I am back. Tumblr seems to be boring me these days so i decided to return to my old faithful blog. However i've deleted all of my old posts as the last one was from this time last year and if i'm being truly honest here - i think i have changed SO much since then.

So let's just say i'm starting afresh with posts from the newer, much happier version of myself.

My new blog will be taking almost everything in my life into account aswell as music, movies, fashion and people that i like or am inspired by. So i'm going to leave it at that for one night and i will continue the whole 'starting afresh' phase tomorrow night as i have college from 9-4 and then i have work from 5-9 tomorrow and so i kind of need my beauty sleep ;).

goodnight, god bless.