Thursday, 4 November 2010

So, I Guess I'm Back.

Yes, that's right I am back. Tumblr seems to be boring me these days so i decided to return to my old faithful blog. However i've deleted all of my old posts as the last one was from this time last year and if i'm being truly honest here - i think i have changed SO much since then.

So let's just say i'm starting afresh with posts from the newer, much happier version of myself.

My new blog will be taking almost everything in my life into account aswell as music, movies, fashion and people that i like or am inspired by. So i'm going to leave it at that for one night and i will continue the whole 'starting afresh' phase tomorrow night as i have college from 9-4 and then i have work from 5-9 tomorrow and so i kind of need my beauty sleep ;).

goodnight, god bless.

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