Sunday, 9 January 2011

So i ran out of time the other day while filling you in on what i got up to over the Christmas period. The answer - between Christmas and New Years Eve i did absolutely nothing! Well that's a slight lie because i went shopping in the sales. I got new black and white brogues, a new pair of loafers, a 60's style shirt, a bag, a floral dress and three t shirts. Quite successful if i say so myself.

New Year's Eve was rather blurry for me. Drinking two bottles of rosé wine before even going to the pub was a bad, bad idea. I started the night at Paul's house where we all decided to meet and drink before heading out. Two bottles of wine and a few cigarettes later (i only smoke when extremely drunk) Lisa and i headed to my friend Sarah's house as she was going to join us at the local. She only lives about 5 minutes from Paul but because of the black ice and snow everywhere it took us around 15 minutes to drunkenly stumble towards her house. When we got there, we saw that everyone who was at Paul's house had ended up in Sarah's. Sarah's family are hilarious and extremely kind. Her mum, Izzy is always getting me drunk whenever i visit! So Izzy began pouring me more glasses of wine and so here is where my memory became blurred. Apparently we stayed at Sarah's in the company of her family from 10.30 until 11.45 where we then made our way to the pub to bring in the New Year. I have no recollection of the length of time we spent in Sarah's or even making our way to the pub, i do however remember saying 'Happy New Year' to everyone i knew in the pub and i also remember planting a big one on walker who then tried to hug me to death. My best friend Erin phoned at around 12.30 and said she was walking down from her aunty's party to meet us for a while. I took this as a hint to walk up and meet her and so, on my own, i left the pub and wandered around Denny (which is extremely creepy at night) to try and meet her. While waiting on her, i made friends with a pleasant drunken man in his 40's who wished me 'Happy New Year', hugged me, gave me the party hat he was wearing and told me i was going to have a great year, he then stumbled away into the night. I grew fond of him after that! So anyway, i met up with erin, we stumbled back to the pub, singing drunken tunes as we went - our favourite drunken song is A Little Respect by Erasure followed by Sheila by Jamie T. We went to the pub and started taking shots which was not my best idea. This is where my memory fades again..
The next thing i remember is being back at Sarah's house with Sarah, Walker, Paul, Lisa and Chris. Walker and i were having an interesting chat about how he pulls girls and about this girl he really liked. I'm not sure what i said to him, but i bet it was good advice ;). Next thing i know, i'm taking shots of Absolute Pear Vodka with Walker. After two i couldn't take anymore and Walker being the loving person he is shouted 'COME ON, MAN UP AND DRINK UP YOU PUSSY!' .. so i did.
I then woke up the next day on Sarah's couch with a blanket wrapped around me while Chris and Walker lay on the other chairs. Chris left early in the morning, but i stayed until around 5pm as did Walker just chatting away to Izzy and Sarah.
All in all, it was a messy, messy night but i loved every second (of what i can remember!).

                                        Me looking sober before my night of drunken chat began.

The 2nd of January was a great day for me. Aiden Grimshaw was appearing in City nightclub in Falkirk! Now i know it doesn't seem like my kind of thing, but i absolutely LOVE X Factor and Aiden Grimshaw was my favourite this year, his voice is unique, he's gorgeous and he has a quiff! So you can imagine my excitement when i found out he'd be at City. So Lisa and i headed there, we bought our £13 VIP bands and got ourselves a few drinks. At around 11 o'clock, we went to the toilet to freshen up because he was going to be performing soon, when we came back from the toilets we noticed that he was actually sitting in VIP! So yes, Lisa and i got to meet the gorgeous Aiden Grimshaw and he was such a nice guy. I kind of felt for him a little though because he had all these people in his face but you know, i still made my way over! He signed one of the flyers that i was given and we got a picture together. HOWEVER! i hate the picture, because i look so awkward and my face looks disgusting and my feet are at an awkard angle. There is a reason for me looking so bad in the picture. The camera man took it while i was still preparing for the picture, he then took another picture which probably would have been a much better result than the first but he didn't bother to post the second one. So yeah, i was stuck with this horrible picture which i have tried to brighten, darken, crop and fix in every way (see two of the better results below) but i still look terrible. But it was an awesome night and i'm just happy i got to meet him!

                                                          Before heading out to City. 

                                     I don't even have my proper smile on, i just look awkward.

         See, i told you my feet are at awkward angles!
            However, Aiden is beautiful so you should all just stare at his face.

My future boyfriend.

Then from the 3rd of January to present day which is the 9th of January, i have suffered with the flu. I have never been so ill in all my life and i've been curled up in bed all week, feeling sorry for myself and watching copious amounts of Sex and the City. Hopefully it will leave soon as i have a lot of college work to hand in on Wednesday and Friday and so i will need to be fit and have energy to get them finished!

Goodnight X

Friday, 7 January 2011

it's 2011!

I honestly can't believe how fast 2010 flew by. So many amazing things happened last year and i had an absolute blast. Hopefully this year will be even more amazing! I received an offer from one of the universities that i applied for - Glasgow Caledonian - which i'm excited about, i just need to wait on four more offers before i decide. I honestly don't know which uni i prefer, although i know Glasgow like the back of my hand so moving there wouldn't be too hard to cope with.

The festive season of 2010 was great. I got quite a bundle of presents which i wasn't expecting including a faux fur coat, camel coloured coat, loafers, a thomas sabo bracelet and a new camera to name a few. Christmas was spent in my house and my mum cooked dinner. There were ten of us there - me, mum, dad, brother, two aunties, uncle, two cousins and my cousins little girl (second cousin you could say). It was hectic but we're used to it by now! Excuse my face in the below picture, i was trying not to laugh!

Afterwards, Erin phoned me and told me she was having a Christmas afterparty at her house and so i headed down to join the festivities and got slightly intoxicated with my guys. I only have one picture from the after party and it's a picture of Paul and Steven the morning after asleep on the couch, so you can tell what kind of night it was!

Boxing day was spent at our house, again where some of my aunties and uncles from my mums side of the family came over for dinner and drinks. It turned out to be a hilarious night as we all battled it out on my brother's new Kinect. It led to a lot of competitive players, but it was fun!

My next post will be how i spent New Years Eve.
Trust me, you'll want to know as it was a random, messy night!