Friday, 7 January 2011

it's 2011!

I honestly can't believe how fast 2010 flew by. So many amazing things happened last year and i had an absolute blast. Hopefully this year will be even more amazing! I received an offer from one of the universities that i applied for - Glasgow Caledonian - which i'm excited about, i just need to wait on four more offers before i decide. I honestly don't know which uni i prefer, although i know Glasgow like the back of my hand so moving there wouldn't be too hard to cope with.

The festive season of 2010 was great. I got quite a bundle of presents which i wasn't expecting including a faux fur coat, camel coloured coat, loafers, a thomas sabo bracelet and a new camera to name a few. Christmas was spent in my house and my mum cooked dinner. There were ten of us there - me, mum, dad, brother, two aunties, uncle, two cousins and my cousins little girl (second cousin you could say). It was hectic but we're used to it by now! Excuse my face in the below picture, i was trying not to laugh!

Afterwards, Erin phoned me and told me she was having a Christmas afterparty at her house and so i headed down to join the festivities and got slightly intoxicated with my guys. I only have one picture from the after party and it's a picture of Paul and Steven the morning after asleep on the couch, so you can tell what kind of night it was!

Boxing day was spent at our house, again where some of my aunties and uncles from my mums side of the family came over for dinner and drinks. It turned out to be a hilarious night as we all battled it out on my brother's new Kinect. It led to a lot of competitive players, but it was fun!

My next post will be how i spent New Years Eve.
Trust me, you'll want to know as it was a random, messy night!

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