Monday, 3 October 2011

Be cruel to me 'cause I'm a fool for you

I'm feeling seriously under the weather today. My throat has pretty much closed up leaving me struggling to speak and I'm choked with the cold. I didn't go to uni today, instead I've been lying around on the couch all day, wrapped in my duvet and watching Disney movies. There is honestly nothing like watching Disney movies when you're unwell.

I have to go to uni tomorrow though, I hate missing anything even if it is just one lecture and I also have to go because I need to fill out my application for studying abroad. It took a lot of decision making but I finally chose to study in Marseille which is in France if you didn't know..

I also have an interview ar 1 o'clock tomorrow at a travel agents called Canadian Affair so fingers crossed I'm successful. I'm also crossing my fingers that I'm able to speak tomorrow or it will be a complete fail.

Finally I have to attend my college graduation tomorrow night. I even have to wear a lovely graduation robe, how fun! The ceremony is in Stirling Castle which is pretty nice I guess, most of the ceremonies were in Falkirk Town Hall so I guess we were pretty lucky! I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone from my college class again actually, it will be really nice to catch up with them all.

Even though I have so much on tomorrow, I honestly cannot be bothered. I'd much rather curl up in my bed for the day with my hot water bottle and my mum's home made soup. That would be lovely.

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